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Ashwagandha consist of dried mature roots of withania somnifera, roots straight, unbranched, thickness varying with age, roots bear fiber like secondary roots. Ashwagandha is the most popular Indian medicinal plant and has been in use in Ayurveda, the 6000 year old Indian system of medicine as a rejuvenative and life sustainer for many centuries. Ashwagandha is also often referred to as Indian ginseng because it is used in ayurveda the same was as panax ginseng in traditional Chinese medicine. Ashwagandha helps people adapt to a wide variety of stressors and health conditions. Ashwagandha is called the Price of Herbs.


Pharmaceutical Industries, Nutraceutical Industries, Ayurvedic medicine, Sports energy nutrition, cattle feed nutrition, poultry feed nutrition, aqua feed nutrition


- Product
- Scientific Name
- Alkaloids
- Withanaloids
- Shelf life
- Packaging
- Ashwagandha
- Withania somnifera
- NLT 1%
- NLT 1.5%
- 2 years
- 1-25 kgs